Oak Ridge Christmas Parade: Socks and Mittens Needed

The Oak Ridge Christmas Parade is coming up on December 12, 2020 and we have big plans.

We are collecting new SOCKS (solid colors/ variety of sizes) and new MITTENS (solid colors/ variety of sizes) to distribute with the Christmas candy this year. The children and youth ministries have a goal of 1,000 pairs of each.

Get Ready for Advent

Pastor Donna shared a lesson this week on the season of Advent, it's meaning in the life of the church, and what we can do to prepare.

Get Ready for Sunday

Watch "Get Ready for Sunday" which occurs every Wednesday on Facebook Live at 6:30 pm Eastern. Pastor Donna Hester offers a reflection on the scripture that will be the focus of worship on the following Sunday.

Join Us Sunday for a Special Service of Mourning and Hope

This Sunday, November 1 is All Saints Day, a time on the church calendar that we remember and grieve those who have died. This week's service will depart from our usual order of worship. It will offer us time to reflect on the one million lives around the world lost to Covid-19 and to mourn the many things we have lost this year. And it will be a time to seek the promises of hope that we find in Christ.

You are invited to participate in the service by having three candles (of any kind) prepared to light as the candles are lit on the alter at Kern during the service.

Holy Communion Vespers

Christ our Lord invites to his table all who love him, who earnestly repent of their sin and seek to live in peace with one another.

This World Communion Sunday, the table will be prepared for 20 in each session. You will bring your communion elements (bread/cracker/grain and juice). We will mask except for taking the bread and cup. Make your reservation today and come meet Christ at the table.

UMCOR Bucket Supplies Urgently Needed

The Flood Bucket kits that help areas hard hit by storm damage have hit rock bottom in the face of record storms and the inability of church members to gather to assemble new ones. Now that we can gather in small numbers, it’s feasible to try to help fill this need. Hygiene Kits are also needed to meet future demands. Instructions for assembling kits are provided by UMCOR. Each cleaning kit is valued at $75. Donations may be made to Kern to supply these buckets.

November 7, 2013

Our church family and friends who need our prayers:
Faye Hannah
Tom Dykes
Ruth Miller
Effie Goodall
Betty Luzader
Peggy LaGrone
Fern Jackson
George Oliphant
Barbara Rouse
Alex Gass
Rex Gass
Brenda Gass
Wilson Hitchcock
Our Widows
Our families who are battling and struggling with illness/diseases
Turmoil in the mideast
Youth Group rebuilding
Our Lonsdale friends
Men and Women in the military and their families
College Students
Church Staff
Church Leadership
Crossroad Ministry
All the Churches!!

Prayer list


I corrected the syntax in the "Prayer Requests" menu item. The URL in the top box, instead of "" should be "node/add". I know, I know.

So now if you click on "Prayer Requests," it will show you the "create content" page. Then you have to choose between a blog posting, a page, poll, or story. Should these be in the form of a blog? Should you be the one to post these, or do you think we should leave it open to anyone to post directly? Of course, we can have posts approved by a moderator...

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