The Kern Youth Group is now called Kern Impact

Kern Impact

Grades 5 - 12.
What are we doing in youth? Check it out...

Here is a basic list of youth activity planned for 2018.
♡AUG 1-NO Meal/NO Youth (see Aug 3 for alternative activity)
♡AUG 3-7:30-9:30pm Pool Party at Oak Ridge Pool sponsored by Trinity Youth
♡AUG 5-10:00 Sunday school
♡AUG 8-NO meal/NO youth (see Aug 12 for alternative activity)
♡AUG 12-10:00 Sunday school/1:00-3:00pm(ish) Youth Picnic at the Park (picnic lunch at Melton Hill Park- look for Alisha at park, play volleyball, and go to Calhoun’s for dessert; drop off and pick up event)
♡AUG 15-NO meal/NO youth (see Aug 19 for alternative activity)
♡AUG 19-10:00 Sunday school; 1:00 meet at Crossroad’s Ministry (to complete bridge and fill dumpster, wear close-toed shoes and paint clothes, bring a sack lunch, drinks and snacks provided)
♡AUG 22-NO meal/NO youth (we begin with a meal and regular schedule next week)
♡AUG 25-Crossroad Ministry’s Tea for Two Fundraiser (for those who RSVP with Cora)
♡AUG 26-10:00 Sunday school/3:00 District Conference 3:00pm at Powell UMC
♡AUG 29- Meals start back up for the new school year/regular schedule Impact Youth 6:30
♡SEPT 2-10:00 Sunday school
♡SEPT 5- 5:30 Meal/ Impact Youth 6:30
♡SEPT 7-7:00-9:00 Family Movie Night
♡SEPT 9-10:00 Sunday school
♡SEPT 12- 5:30 Meal/ Impact Youth 6:30
♡SEPT 16- 10:00 Sunday school/Church Council 12:15 (for youth representatives to please be sure and attend)
♡SEPT 19-5:30 Meal/ Impact Youth 6:30
♡SEPT 22- CPR/First Aid 10:00 in Fellowship hall ($69 and first 8 to sign-up)
♡SEPT 23-10:00 Sunday school
♡SEPT 26-5:30 Meal/ Impact Youth 6:30
♡SEPT 30-10:00 Sunday school
♡OCT 1-12- Fall Break (please see individual dates for activities still happening during the break)
♡OCT 3- NO Youth because of Fall Break (other activities offered during the break)
♡OCT 5-7 Fall Mission Trip (tentative plans to Glean Apples in Va) 15 attending meet at church at 11:00am and plan to return Sunday 5:00pm(ish)
♡OCT 10- NO Youth because of Fall Break (other activities offered during the break)
♡OCT 13- Tennessee Valley District Youth event (Band- Shine Effect) at Kern UMC with drinks and snacks provided; please bring love offering
♡OCT 14-10:00 Sunday school
♡OCT 17- 5:30 Meal/ Impact Youth 6:30
♡OCT 21-10:00 Sunday school
♡OCT 24- 6:30 Youth Prep for Trunk or Treat
♡OCT 28- 5:00-7:00pm Trunk or Treat
♡OCT 31- NO Youth for Halloween holiday (activity on Oct 28 instead)

*Note: Some plans are tentative to change. Follow Facebook, Instagram, Text Remind for details. Thank you for your support with the youth! Alisha