The Kern Youth Group is now called Kern Impact

Kern Impact

Grades 5 - 12.
What are we doing in youth? Check it out...

Here is a basic list of youth activity planned for 2018.
We have already completed a lot in January and February, but there is plenty of time to join us in 2018!

♡March 3- CCYM trip to White Pine 8:30am-5:00pm (3 new TVD youth from Kern)
♡March 4-10:00 Sunday school/Confirmation
♡March 7- Meal/Safe sanctuary training 6:30-8:00pm
♡March 10- Reece Arnold scheduled for Eagle project for fire pit
♡March 11- Confirmation meet at 10:00- visit Young Adult room
♡March 11-13 Spring Break Mission Stay to benefit Crossroads Ministries; UMW meet with girls 2:30-3:30;
and Youth Glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday evening
♡March 14- NO meal/NO Youth (spring break)
♡March 18- 9:00 Alisha sermon time; 10:00 Sunday school/NO Confirmation/Church Council
♡March 21- YES Easter meal/NO Youth (spring break)
♡March 25- 10:00 Sunday school/NO Confirmation (palm Sunday)
♡March 25-April 1 (Please refer to bulletin for Holy Week events); 28- NO meal/NO Youth; Thursday Living Last Supper; Good Friday service
♡March 31- Egg Hunt for Children at the Park (Youth egg hunt-Sunday March 11)
♡April 1- Easter No foolin".