The Kern Youth Group is now called Kern Impact

Kern Impact

Grades 5 - 12.
What are we doing in youth? Check it out...

Here is a basic list of youth activity planned for the rest of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.
♡JULY 22-26- CITC at Kern! 9:00-3:00 each day; CITC ends w/ pool party

♡JULY 24- NO youth because of CITC

♡JULY 26- Pool Party at OR pool for Kern and Camp participants at OR pool 7:30-9:30pm

♡JULY 26-27- CCYM retreat weekend at Broadway UMC Maryville from

July 26 at 7:00pm to July 27 at noon.

♡JULY 27- another Pool Party at OR pool for Kern Youth and Trinity UMC at OR pool 7:30-9:30pm (hosted by Trinity)

♡JULY 28- 10:00 Sunday school

♡JULY 29- OR First Day back to school for 19/20 year

♡JULY 31- 5:30 welcome meal to Rev Hester; 6:30 Youth- welcome back!

♡AUG 4- 10:00 Sunday school

♡AUG 7- 5:30 meal provided by children and youth; 6:30 Youth

♡AUG 10- Movie and Game Night hosted by CAPS from 4:00-6:00pm

♡AUG 11- 10:00 Sunday school

♡AUG 14- 5:30 potluck meals; 6:30 Youth

♡AUG 18- 10:00 Sunday school

♡AUG 21- 5:30 potluck meals; 6:30 Youth

♡AUG 25- 10:00 Sunday school

♡AUG 28- 5:30 Wed night meal resumes; 6:30 Youth

♡SEPT 1- 10:00 Sunday school

♡SEPT 2- Happy Labor Day; NO school; church office closed

♡SEPT 4- 6:30 Youth

♡SEPT 8- 10:00 Sunday school

♡SEPT 11- 6:30 Youth

♡SEPT 15- 10:00 Sunday school

♡SEPT 18- 6:30 Youth

♡SEPT 22- 10:00 Sunday school

♡SEPT 25- 6:30 Youth

♡SEPT 29- 10:00 Sunday school

♡SEPT 30-OCT 11- OR Fall Break

♡OCT 2- NO meal; NO youth for fall break

♡OCT 5-6- Youth retreat (details TBD)

♡OCT 6- 10:00 Sunday school

♡OCT 9- NO meal; NO youth for fall break

♡OCT 13- 10:00 Sunday school

♡OCT 16- 5:30 meal; 6:30 Youth bonfire

♡OCT 20- 10:00 Sunday school

♡OCT 23- 5:30 meal; 6:30 Youth prep for ToT

♡OCT 27- Trunk or Treat 5:00-7:00pm

♡OCT 30- 5:30 meal; 6:30 Snoopy and Socks movie night

*Charge Conference- TBD- district reps are asked to attend

*OCC boxes due- date TBD (I will provide: a location to pick up your empty boxes and information sheets stating where to deliver your filled boxes).

*Hanging of the Greens; Stone Soup meal; TBD

♡NOV 3- 10:00 Sunday school; *Festival of Gifts and Talents- Nov 3 at Concord UMC- time TBD

♡NOV 5- Election Day; NO school

♡NOV 6- 5:30 meal; 6:30 Resurrection Meeting for Resurrection 2020

♡NOV 10- 10:00 Sunday school; Daylight Savings Time Ends

♡NOV 13- 5:30 Meal; 6:30 Youth Christmas Tree Party

♡NOV 17- 10:00 Sunday school

♡NOV 20- 5:30 Thanksgiving meal; NO Youth- enjoy meal with your family

♡NOV 24- 10:00 Christ the King Sunday school; Thanksgiving basket distribution

♡NOV 27- NO meal; NO Youth for the holiday

♡NOV 28- Happy Thanksgiving!; church office closed

*OR Christmas Parade- date/theme TBD

♡DEC 1- 10:00 Sunday school

♡DEC 4- 6:30 Youth

♡DEC 7- *Compassionate Gift Fair- details TBD; youth serve as elves for Santa and help serve/clean tables for UMW

♡DEC 8- 10:00 meeting for Confirmation plans (those who need to attend are parents of youth confirmands- FEB 2 2019 begin- May 31 graduate). There will be 2 Worship Blitz weekends and classes for parents.

♡DEC 11- 6:30 Youth

♡DEC 13- Progressive Dinner (meet at 4:30 and I need a count ahead of time for transportation and reservations)

♡DEC 15- 10:00 Sunday school

♡DEC 18- 5:30 Christmas Meal; NO Youth- enjoy meal with your family

♡DEC 22- 10:00 Sunday school

♡DEC 23- Jan 6- OR Winter break

♡DEC 24- Christmas Eve service TBD

♡DEC 25- MERRY CHRISTMAS! NO meal; NO youth for holiday; church office closed

♡DEC 29- 10:00 Sunday school

♡JAN 1- HAPPY NEW YEAR!; NO Youth- see you next week

♡JAN 24-26- Resurrection 2020

♡FEB 2- Confirmation Sunday begins

♡FEB 12- Annual Youth Fundraising Dinner

Thank you for supporting Kern youth! Alisha

*Note: Some plans are tentative to change. Follow Facebook, Instagram, Text Remind for details. Thank you for your support with the youth! Alisha