Church Council Page

2022 Church Council
Chair - Marcia Walker
Secretary - A. J. Pawel
Finance Committee Chair -
Lay Leaders - Lyman Bowker and Steve Pawel and David Bradshaw
Lay Member of Annual Conference -Priscilla Spitzer
Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chair - Justin Lawson
Youth/Young Adult Representative - Rachel Arnold
Trustees Chair - Doug Livesey
Missions & Outreach Representative - Janet Bowker/Richard Fitzpatrick

At-Large Members
Lee Shell Mesnard
Steve Cates
Charles DeVore
Justin Lawson
Stacey Arnold
Anne Teasley
Peggy LeBlanc
Carla Giles
David Vick
Steve Cates
Sherry Smyrl

Staff and Minister
Rev. James Bailes
Alisha Balcom, Carol Cox, Chanda Knight, Chris De Cew, Gretchen Hakola, Julie Johnson, Karen Lovett, Mike Cox, Ronda Mostella, Wanda Parks