Nominations and Leadership Development Committee Page

2022 Nominations Committee

Chair - Rev. James Bailes
Lay Leader - Lyman Bowker
Delegate to Annual Conference - Priscilla Spitzer
Justin Lawson
Judy Truax
Barbara Rouse
Ann Brown
Wanda Parks
Jim Keiser
Judy Wilson
Julie Martin
Linda Maddox

Result Expected
Christian spiritual leaders are identified, developed, deployed, evaluated and monitored to carry out the congregational ministries that fulfill the mission of making disciples and transforming the community.

Qualifications for Job
Spiritual gifts: servanthood, exhortation (encouragement), wisdom and discernment

Experience, Skills
Individuals show evidence of a growing Christian spiritual life and willingness to engage with others in biblical and theological reflection about the mission of the church. Individuals with work experience in human resources, job recruitment, and personnel management. Individuals show evidence of nurturing others.

The pastor shall be chair of the group, and a layperson shall be vice-chair who may represent the committee at meetings of the Leadership Council. There shall not be more than nine people on the committee, and one person shall be a young adult. (The United Methodist Book of Discipline2008, ¶ 258.1.c)


  • Lead/teach the congregation God's plan for using gifts, skills and experience that already exist in order to accomplish the mission God has for the congregation.
  • Develop and track a system for helping individuals discover their spiritual gifts, name their skills, interests, knowledge, and experience.
  • Invite people to positions of spiritual leadership, receive their responses, and provide training and support for these individuals.
  • Present a nomination list to the charge conference for a Leadership Council Chair, Staff Parish Relations Committee, a Board of Trustees, a Finance Committee, a Lay Member to Annual Conference and a Lay Leader. Work throughout the year to name other leaders for the ministry that fulfills the mission of the congregation.